CompareYourFare is a personalized online travel agency built to make researching easy, planning enjoyable, and purchasing dependable. We are located in the heart of Downtown San Diego, California and staffed with professional travel agents who have decades of industry experience. We promise that your experience with CompareYourFare will not be a bumpy one, no seatbelts needed!

How are we different?

CompareYourFare shows users a brand new way to search for the lowest airfare available. We will not only show you our own exclusive, low airfare prices, but will allow you to search all our competitors for the exact same flight. We truly are a one stop shop for finding the cheapest airfare tickets

Why Provide Comparison Rates?

CompareYourFare acknowledges busy consumers who are cost-conscious and insistent on good service. We understand searching for travel is not the easiest of tasks, so let us do all the work! We will provide you with our exclusive fares AND comparison rates from the top competitors to help you decide who can best meet your travel needs.